I bought a new dress ( because, well, why not? And since I have no plans of going out soon this seems like  a very practical purchase. I can wear it while feeding the cats and cooking dinner for the kids….

black dress


It is very shiny, so I am sure both cats and small children will be mesmerized. It will also come in handy on laundry days. What, you have never seen a woman in a sequins dress grocery shopping?

Or I can just hang it in my closet next to all the other dresses I haven’t yet worn.

Since my commenting section won’t let me put up all the pictures, in response to the comment below, here is a list of other dresses I bought from them:

I bought this one as a work dress. Even though it has been warm, when I leave in the morning it is still dark and cold, so I have not worn it yet…

red dress


I bought this in December. Wore it once to a Christmas party. I only have a picture of the hem of it as I am sitting in the car….


faux leather dress             hem


Bought this one around the same time… never wore it…

black dress


This is the first dress I ever got from them, sort of like a tester to see what their sizing is like… Wore it once… and provided evidence that I need a tan and a blow dryer…

grey dress             grey dress1



Bought this one back in December too… have never worn it…



So you see, unless I start having personal fashion shows in the kitchen, these dresses will not get a whole lot of use… even the ones I have worn only got used for a few hours…


  1. It’s a beautiful dress. I usually get summer dresses from Venus, but never really bought anything this fancy from them. I’m sure it’ll come in handy outside of the house and grocery store spheres. 🙂

    1. Thanks for updating the post!
      Wow I really like the “work” dress, for you can not only wear it to work, but also to a party, and you can adjust the zipper accordingly. ;-). The BMW dress is also very nice, and you gave it extra edge by adding the belt. 🙂 The last dress you posted, the loose one, I’m not a fan of, as I like dresses that are more body-con, but I’m sure it looked great on you when you tried it on. It would be interesting to read a post (merely a suggestion) about the female English major stereotypes, and the “shock” of some people (who don’t really know you) finding out that your interests lie well beyond (e.g. Chaucer; the Medieval times) the neat and sexy appearance.

  2. I am glad you like the dresses!

    Oooh, I love when I get requests for specific posts! I actually do have a few drafts saved of posts on that general topic, but I never posted them because from every angle nothing good came of it. Maybe I shall revisit the topic and see what happens.

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