I just got a message from someone in regards to my Faust post a few weeks ago. She was very upset that she read a post she felt was unoriginal, and a complete waste of her time, and felt the need to put this into words.

I am used to receiving criticism on my posts, both good and bad, but generally the criticism is a little more insightful, or somewhat more detailed than calling my posts a “complete waste of time.” When people have complaints about something I have written, they generally get specific.

First, this post is a lesson plan for an undergraduate English course. I am simply trying to explicate a classic literary text to first and second year college students. I will be the first to say it is not original, even though some of the ideas on there are originally mine (and I am sure many others have also had the same ideas). This is not a “Let’s revolutionize Faust” lecture.

Also, I am aware that this is one of my lengthier posts, and I have had quite a few of those recently (with the intention of having several more). But in the end I must remind everyone that reading my blog always was, and remains, optional. Yes, I link my blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, and various forms of social media, but no one is obligated to read them.

If you do not find my posts interesting in the least, I have to say I obviously do not agree, but I will offer a perfect time saving suggestion: stop reading and close your browser window.


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