Partners in Crime

Having children is like having partners in crime.
I wanted to take my daughter out for ice cream without Hubby knowing. Don’t ask why. Not important. One of those things. Anyway, I told her we would go out for ice cream, but she can’t tell her father. Ducky is too young for this sort of thing, so he was sacrificed at home. He doesn’t yet understand the finer nuances of withholding information.
Munchie and I went out, ate entirely too much ice cream, and were a happy lot. As we were leaving the ice cream shop I reminded her that she cannot tell her father we had ice cream. He must never know.
We get home. Hubby comes in and asks Munchie “What did you two do today?” She looks straight at him, and with an emphatic head shake says “We didn’t have ice cream daddy.”
What? She said we didn’t…

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