Medieval Butterflies

This isn’t really a research post, but today I decided I need a break from endlessly revising my MS 342 Scribe work, so I spent a few hours browsing for medieval butterflies in what I suppose amounted to virtual lepidoptery.

I couldn’t keep all the beautiful findings to myself, so here are some marvelous specimens from medieval manuscript marginalia, and a few bas de page illustrations.





Bodleian Library Oxford, England MS Bodl. 264, folios 67 r, 132 v and 135 r. Full MS.



France,Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Paris, MS 0143, folios 1 and 247v. Full MS.


Royal MS 14 E III f. 89 r. Full MS.


Bibliothèque nationale de France,Département des Manuscrits, NAL 3093, f. 49v. Full MS.


Royal MS 10 E IV, f. 91v. Full MS.

Add. 35254, f. N

British Library, Additional  MS 35254 – border trims. More about the MS.

Alright, that is all I have for now. I was going to add cute and witty statements by some of the images and have some fun with them, but I really should finish more editing today. However, if you would like to caption some of these yourselves…..

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