Little Red Fairy

This is not so much a post but more of a request that only actually applies to one person.

People love sending me pictures of redheaded fairies, mainly because I love fairies, and I typically save these pictures should I wish to use them for blog posts, or other things.

I had one I loved in particular, and I made it into my background on my laptop when I first got it. Last night I updated the operating system, and it got rid of the picture. The problem is I can’t find it again. Since the laptop was brand new I didn’t have a very good system of organizing things yet, and I may or may not have accidentally deleted it while shuffling things around. This is what it looked like (a screen shot from when I first got the laptop):

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 6.35.59 PM


The other part of the problem is that I can’t remember who originally sent it to me. So, if you have ever sent this picture to me, or happen to have it…. can I have it again?

In the meantime, I am using this:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 8.44.26 PM

It is not bad… but I want my little red fairy back…



  1. I didn’t know you like fairies! I like fairies, too 🙂 This is a great drawing and it really suits you.
    I think you can find the image here: (it’s the short link for a Google search by image). I hope you find it in the size you need it for the background.

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