Let’s (Not) Share…

When we are children we are taught to share. As adults some take this to heart, but stop sharing food and toys, and begin sharing stories. Much like a child who will hand you a cookie, whether you want it or not, some adults spew forth information, unwanted, and unwarranted.
I know this sounds hypocritical, coming from a blogger who shares all the time. Just last year I believe I wrote a blog post on the best ways of breast feeding a child, speaking from experience. While that may seem like way too much information for some, I never accosted another person in a hallway or bathroom to randomly share my tidbits of wisdom. I assume my readers come here willingly. If they don’t like what I have to say, then they are perfectly capable of closing their browser, and stop reading. Going to my blog, with all the clicking and the reading, are voluntary actions. I have never once forced another to read what I have to say. Well, except Tanya, I shove things at her all the time. But others are exempt.
When things are verbally announced, they cannot be unsaid or unheard. There is no “undo” button for speech. Tonight I wish there was. Usually I am the one inserting my foot into my mouth and saying the wrong things. But usually these are bureaucratic faux pas, or I state the truth that no one wants to hear when asked a direct question. I generally don’t just offer opinions, or perhaps facts (who knows these days?), that no one asked for.
As an only child I was never good at sharing my toys. I am still not. So maybe that urge never translated into the adult phase of sharing anything else. Maybe I just don’t understand that that is the way things are.
Words cut. Maybe I should have worn long sleeves today.

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