Legos are one of the first tools children have to explore their imagination, building and rebuilding castles, ships, and all forms of architecture. As adults we are more cautious, relying on logic to erect our homes and skyscrapers, meticulously building one brick at a time, making sure everything balances and has a strong foundation. But like children we still want to play. Sometimes we build structures that we are not happy with but haven’t the slightest clue how to fix. Then someone else comes along and shows us how to build, but the foundation we have doesn’t hold all the changes. We collaborate with our new partners at play on how to improve, and the solution seems ever so simple – just start all over. They will be able to help us build from scratch. So we trust our new friend to come play as we build another better structure together. We destroy our Lego house down to its roots, making sure to leave no two pieces intact. Then we wait to start a new construction, except no one comes. And we are left sitting idly, surrounded by hundreds of broken Lego pieces that our own hands tore apart with expectation. Only to realize our new playmate is no longer interested in Legos. They have moved on to board games as we try to stack the blocks in some sort of shape resembling a recognizable structure while remembering that we once had a house. And never forgetting that we did this to ourselves.

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