I have kittens. My co-worker had some stray kittens in need of a home. I ended up with two of them. They are a little under two months old, and absolutely adorable!The girl is Gigi. She moves languorously, won’t be bothered with her surroundings, and just has that look. I can picture her with a giant pink ribbon around her neck, delicately cleaning her paws. If you have ever seen Disney’s Aristocats, you will know what I mean.The boy is Mephy. First thing he did out of the carrier was nip at me and try running up the wall. Little devil.

I got them this morning, but then had to do a billion other things, leaving them home alone to explore until dinner time.

As soon as they escaped their carrier they went to hide behind the fridge. When I got home in the near evening, they were still behind the fridge. At first I thought they may be in a different part of the house and I just couldn’t find them. They are so small they fit into and under everything. They are a little bigger than my hands, so the possibilities are endless. But as I was typing this blog I heard rustling behind the fridge. Yep, they are still there.

So the only pictures of adorable kittens that I can give you are the ones I took when Teresa initially brought them over this morning. I have a bunch of Gigi, but only one of Mephy while he was still in the carrier .


Gigi in the carrier (a bit blurry)

Teresa holding Gigi.
Mephy in the carrier.
Gigi venturing outside.
P.S. The other cats don’t seem to mind, and the kids are very excited. This is all very good.

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