It Is What It Is

What would it be like to freeze one moment in time? Like Keats’ Grecian Urn, fixed for eternity. But a moment is so short. Nothing more than a photograph. What would it be like to freeze an entire segment of time?

It sounds ideal, to go back to a point in your life when everything was going well, and replay it. Except, how many times can you replay the same thing? Like watching Groundhog Day on a loop. Don’t you want to move forward? Wouldn’t you want to experience something else?

I guess that is the point. The ideal is unrealistic, and once plucked out of fantasy, becomes quite undesirable.

But reality can be beautiful in its own ways, if taken as is. Sometimes it is good, other times bad, and when bad, it won’t be so for long. At least not if you can still find glimpses of happiness. And enjoy them in the moment for what they are, accepting that they may soon fade. That might be all that happiness is – enjoying something in the moment without worrying about the future of it. I don’t mean the practical future, which you should always worry about, but rather the whimsy future. How can you enjoy anything if you are always poking and prodding at it? That is how the happy moments get overlooked.

It could have been. It might still be. But right now, it is what it is.

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