Is There Such A Thing As Daddy Brain?

I was at the grocery store the other day, racing down the aisles, attempting to grab everything while my daughter was still enjoying her mid morning nap in her carrier, only to realize as I approached the check out counter that I forgot my purse at home. So this was basically a dry run. I put the groceries back (yes, I actually walked around the store returning all the items where they belong because I am neurotic like that), and then headed home. At least when I went to the store later that day I was able to shop in half the time; I didn’t have to search out the special marinade, or try to decide which type of bread we will be trying this week.

I know I have mommy brain a lot, and right now I am doubly blessed with mommy brain and pregnancy brain. Double whammy. I have been privy to some very annoying behavior on my part lately, mostly concerned with forgetting key things at the most inopportune times. Recounting the last few months, with all their whimsy, I wonder, does daddy brain exist?

I can’t help but wonder, does my husband also run around half the time not remembering where he is going, or why he was going there in the first place? Does he leave his keys on the kitchen counter and then stand in front of his car wondering how to get into it?

I have not observed any such behavior from him, at least not to any extremes. He claims to be frazzled every once in a while, but with such nonchalance I am not sure I believe it, despite the fact that he takes care of and spends time with our daughter just as much as me. The way our little Munchie runs the gamut of, well, everything, I would think he should be in the same zombie state as me. Either he is really good at covering it up, or mommy brains is really just for mommies.

What do you think? If you are a man have you experienced any of this? Do you know anyone who has?

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