I Like To Plan For Everything – Even Traffic School

I just recently completed traffic school for a speeding ticket I got at the beginning of this year. I am typically a good driver, meaning, I have never had tickets before, so I was unaware of the process for completing traffic school.
I had envisioned this long drawn out traffic course that drains you of your energy, and a little of your soul. I procrastinated about two months in completing it because I wanted to make sure I did not have the children with me when doing it so I can pay full attention to the computer to successfully complete the course.
Well, the course was about as difficult as an admissions test for kindergarten, assuming there is such a thing. And the online service I was using was having a promotion, so the test only cost $14. So of course the practical part of me immediately took action.
Today I called the court house and explained all of the above to them, asking if maybe I could take the test several times in the next couple of days during the promotion and stockpile my traffic school certificates to use for any future speeding/ moving violation tickets I may get. I am not planning on speeding or anything, but in the event it happens, I want to be prepared.
I thought I was being very diligent and responsible. The court thought I was trying to commit fraud. Needless to say I don’t plan on jail time anytime soon, so that idea was canned. Who knew you could get punished for planning ahead.

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