Diary Of A Sexy Mother

Everywhere I look it seems someone has a problem with mothers or expecting mothers looking, acting, or feeling sexy. Newsflash: we are still women. Sure we now have added responsibilities, and granted, some things really should not be worn in public (whether you are a mother or not), but the reality of it is, we are still the fun loving, sexy creatures we were before children.The saddest part is that most of the people conveying displeasure with how moms dress are women themselves. Some of them are mothers as well. Would it be more suitable if new mothers were only allowed to wear potato sack looking ensembles?

I see women like Rachel Zoe and Elle Macpherson and consider them an inspiration. Each day I take the time to make myself look and feel attractive. In a couple of months, after I give birth to my second child, you better believe I am getting right back into my skinny jeans! As for my high heels and flirty tops, they never went away. Sure, my feet are swollen, restricting some of my options, and I have a considerable baby bump, but so does Natalie Portman. It hasn’t stopped her from looking stylish on the red carpet.

I am awe struck at how beautiful Ivanka Trump looked in her recent Bazaar photo shoot. Some considered her skanky and questioned her audacity to don such apparel while obviously pregnant. I see it as a testament to herself as a woman. She is emphasizing her feminine qualities, the very same qualities that aided her in becoming a mother to begin with. Mothers were women, are women, and should continue being seen as such and feeling as such.

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