Daddy Can Do It!

Munchie is a total Daddy’s girl. If Daddy is around, everyone else is fois gras. So when for the past couple of months she has been halting anyone trying to do something for her with the phrase “No!! Daddy can do it!” it was simply understood that she wanted Daddy to do it. Sometimes it was cute, but most of the time it was just inconvenient. While Hubby was trying to mow the lawn, she would want him to help her put her shoes on. When he was in the shower, she would want him to pour her juice, or get her snacks. Sometimes it was becoming a bit exasperating.
Then, last night it dawned on me. While she may prefer Daddy does everything, she was not demanding that he do everything. She was simply showing her confidence in his ability to do things. Daddy can do it! Yes, Daddy can do a lot of things. And she wanted to make sure everyone is aware of Daddy’s abilities. Clearly she has been reading too many articles where it is assumed that dads can’t do things. God forbid these men are left with children, because then mom has to come home and clean up, and restore order.
Munchie must have seen these articles, and decided to start a campaign to clear Daddy’s negative image. By reminding everyone that Daddy can do it. So don’t think he can’t. Because you are wrong. He totally can.
Next thing you know she will be saying “Daddy can do it better!” as in better than your daddy. Sometimes I worry about Munchie. Although Hubby is reminding me now that I should probably worry about myself. I am going to pretend I don’t know what that means.

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