I have not had a whole lot of time this week, but I have been working on the blog, or at least experimenting with different things. I realized the whole “tabs” thing is not as amazing as I may have thought, and quite the project. It will still happen, but may take longer than I originally anticipated, especially with my schedule these days.

Yet while I have been working on all these other features, a rather annoying problem has presented itself: spam comments. I used to get the random spam comments on the Blogger site as well, and they would be flagged, awaiting approval. I would only get one or two a month. This site posts a lot of the spam comments before consent, and I have to constantly go in and manually delete them. Yes, it annoys me that they are there. This too would not be a huge thing, except I am getting upward of 300 spam comments per day.

I have been trying out different plug-ins to curb this, and the first few did almost nothing. I knew what would *really* work, and Tanya mentioned it as well, CAPTCHA. But I hate those, and I know a lot of other people do as well. However, considering that about 99% of my comments are made either privately on Twitter, via email, or on Facebook, and it really wouldn’t be noticed by many, I was beginning to sway towards installing it. Luckily, this last plug-in seems to have helped. I will have to wait and see.

P.S. Before anyone suggests Akismet, yes, I know they are wonderful and would solve every last one of my spam problems, but for now I am trying to not use them.

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