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40 Weeks of Pregnancy – Week 4

It is Monday. You know what that means, the newest update for those of you expecting, or looking to be doing so soon. Last week we left off with Week 3, so moving forward…
Week 4
So all sorts of wonderful things are happening with your baby that your doctor would love to tell you about. In a nutshell, the baby starts to form. As for you, you may start feeling queasy. Everyone has their own experience with this, and every pregnancy is different. For example, with Munchie I had mild nausea for the entire first trimester. With Ducky I had very intense sickness, but it only lasted a few weeks. I am not sure which was better. You will have your own version of this. Some days it will be better than others. Just remember, it is temporary. It will eventually stop, even if you are one of the unlucky few who has it right up to giving birth. Which is really the worst case.
They call it morning sickness, but really, that is a misnomer. It is more like all day sickness, often coming in waves where you get to have several hours off in between. Laying down definitely helps, but for most of us that is not really possible.
I found that eating small pieces of starchy, carb heavy foods helped with the nausea. My favorite was lays chips. Sometimes they can be too greasy, so you can substitute some crackers instead. If you have the time, half a baked potato without any toppings also works.
As for your physical appearance, I didn’t find any changes at this stage. Except that I seemed to look a lot more tired. Probably because I was. All I wanted to do was sleep. Otherwise, everything else was normal.
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