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40 Weeks of Pregnancy – Week 40

It is Monday! Time for the last installment of my week by week pregnancy guide. If you want to catch up with previous weeks, scroll to the bottom.
Week 40
Congratulations! 40 weeks! If you haven’t given birth yet, talk to your doctor, as you may at this point need to induce. But not necessarily. Just because the baby is late doesn’t mean he needs to be forced out.
For the most part the majority of you have in fact given birth already, and are currently at home with your new bundles of joy. You are probably exhausted. I remember Ducky was such a handful I had to “sleep” on the couch with him as he would not stop screaming if I put him down. I was functioning on two hours of sleep a night.
So, I know you have all heard this before. But I am going to say it again. Sleep when the baby sleeps. It may just be the only sleep you get.
If you decided to breastfeed your baby, you have also probably figured out that it is not as simple as you may have thought. It takes practice, and you have to get used to your baby just like he needs to get used to you. But keep at it, read the articles about different positions, and best of luck to you!
In parting, enjoy these next few weeks. It is a wonderful period that you will not get again (unless you have more kids).
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