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40 Weeks of Pregnancy

Welcome to Week 30 of my week by week pregnancy guide. You are almost there! If you want to catch up and look at previous weeks, scroll to the bottom.
Week 30
This week nothing new really happens. You are still feeling everything as before. But as the baby gets bigger, he will be pressing down on your bladder more. Which means you will be going to the bathroom much more frequently. I remember I was going to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. Not only was it really annoying to have to find a bathroom as soon as I got anywhere, but then I would feel as though I just drank a gallon only to find I had about two drops inside of me. Fifteen minutes later, repeat.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for this. There are no positions you can get into to alleviate this. There are no magic herbs. The only real cure is giving birth. On the plus side, there are only a few more weeks to go.
You may start feeling yucky at this point. You are tired of being pregnant, and you are excited to meet your little one. Not to mention you have been stuck in a wardrobe vacuum for the last several months. Most women are hesitant to buy new clothes at this point. You will only need them for a few more weeks. I got a couple of extra shirts, and then accessorized. You can’t have too many accessories, especially since you can still wear them afterwards. The shopping can make you feel better, and a little sprucing up can go a long way in the mood department. And at this point, you will need all the good mood you can get. When I told Hubby a few extra things will make me less cranky, his response was “I’ll drive!”
Have you picked out a name yet?
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