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40 Weeks of Pregnancy – Week 28

Welcome to this Monday’s edition of my pregnancy week by week guide. If you want to glance at previous weeks, scroll to the bottom.
Week 28
Congratulations! You are undeniably in the third trimester. You have made it through some of the toughest parts, and even though the last bit won’t exactly be a cake walk, you are doing great!
Around this time, if you are RH negative, your doctor will be giving you a RhoGam injection. Only about ten to fifteen percent of women are RH negative, but if you are, then your blood is most likely incompatible with your baby’s, and should your blood and your baby’s blood come into contact, especially at birth, you may form antibodies against RH positive blood and the next time you get pregnant your blood may attack your baby. The RhoGam injection prevents your blood from forming the antibodies.
Starting now you will be seeing your doctor more often. If everything is fine, and your pregnancy is progressing nicely, you will probably be seeing him every two weeks. Your baby’s development is so rapid at this point, you won’t want to miss an appointment.
As your energy starts to drain some, you may find yourself doing more sedimentary activities. This is a great time to sit down and really think about your baby names. Don’t forget Dad also has a say. I remember thinking what my son’s name would be. I had this notion since I was a little girl. Then Ducky came along. His real name what I had initially wanted. Hubby wanted a unique name with personality. I like generic names. If you too like generic, popular names, the best place to look is the Social Security Administration. They have a nifty list with all the most popular names.
Other options may be looking at family names, famous people’s names, or even some hybrid names combining ones you and hubby like. Cultural names are also in right now. So you may settle on a popular name from a different culture to mark your baby’s heritage. I have even heard of people who wait until the baby is born to name him. Regardless of how you do it, as long as you put love into picking the name, your baby will be happy with it (until they turn into a teenager).
Have you picked out baby names yet? How did you come up with them?
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