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40 Weeks Of Pregnancy – Week 22

Happy Monday to everyone! Time for another installment of my week by week pregnancy guide. If you want to catch up with previous weeks, scroll to the bottom. Today I am looking at…
Week 22
All the foot swelling that probably started happening last week is definitely continuing, and may do so until after you give birth. It will probably start hurting being on your feet for long periods, so sit down often, and if possible, elevate your feet. This will make your swollen legs and feet feel a bit better.
Also, if you are used to wearing heels (like I am), you should start looking into lower heels or flats. I admit, I did not do this and continued in my high heels until the day I gave birth, but I did look. I even tried on a few pairs of flats and bought one of them. They kept all my pretty shoes company in the closet. But not everyone likes to torture their feet. Besides, what better excuse to go shoe shopping?
Right around now one of two things will start to happen. Depending on your mood swings, they may happen within seconds of each other, alternating wildly and driving those around you crazy. You will have fuller breasts, your skin will glow, and your hair will be more luscious. You may just feel unbelievably attractive. Not to mention with all the hormones you will feel more intimate than ever. Great combination. Or you will feel exhausted, frumpy, fat, and a string of other unattractive adjectives. So you may not really be in the mood for your partner.
As mentioned, these two feelings will alternate, often. So when you are feeling down, just remember it will pass. If you feel miserable your entire pregnancy, don’t despair, there are worst things, and keep your mind on the baby. If you are really feeling down and it is not going away no matter what, talk to your doctor.
What have you felt? How did you deal with it?
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