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So I have had this song stuck in my head for almost two weeks. KCRW seems to be playing it religiously, and I am finding myself coming home still humming it in my head.

Although the lyrics are very nice, it is the catchy beat that is doing it. And Lorde has an amazing voice. So yeah… I have been listening to it on repeat almost every night.Recently I started playing it for the kids in the mornings. They both sing along to it.

This morning in the car it came on the radio again. This is the conversation I had with Ally after the song was over.

Her: Mommy make it play again.
Me: I can’t. That was on the radio.
Her: Make them play it again, Mommy!
Me: I wish I could, but it went away. We have to wait until it comes on again.
Her: It went away?
Me: Yes, it is gone for now.
Her: Where?
Me: Into the radio.
Her: Where? I don’t see it.

In the event that you too would like to have this stuck in your head, here it is.