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Dancing in Lingerie

I recently read an article in a psychology journal that correlated confidence with sexuality in women. The study was conducted over a three months period, and 800 women were asked to rate how good they felt about themselves when they thought they looked sexually arousing. You may well guess the results. However, what the study had not anticipated, and the reason it probably even got published, was another coloration between endorphins and sexuality. Confidence (real or perceived) was simply the biproduct. In other words these women didn’t feel good about themselves, or exuded confidence because they looked sexy, but rather looked sexy because they felt good, which was in turn brought about my endorphins from external sources (unrelated to the way they looked, or anything having to do with the study).A secondary study piggybacked off of this one, and measured the different degrees of self satisfaction brought about by several activities, basically trying to find if all endorphins are equal. And of course they are not. For example, I am a runner. After I go for a run I have more endorphins than I know what to do with. This satisfies the second part of the first study – I feel good through a flow of endorphins that is not related to the way I look. However, it does not fulfill the first part of the study. I may have tons of endorphins, but I guarantee that when I come back from running I am far from sexually arousing. The researchers caught this little glitch as well, and thus were determined to figure out which activities release the most endorphins for optimal female sexuality.

It turns out women respond best to fashion and music. Both of these activities (wearing pretty things and dancing), scored the highest independently on the endorphin scale. So why not combine them? That is exactly what they did, but they took it a step further. As opposed to getting the women all dressed up, they focused on lingerie. Essentially several hundred women wore lingerie, danced around their homes, and then reported back how they felt. Apparently they all felt great.

I am simplifying things here, but the study was actually quite in depth, and took different factors into consideration (i.e. the difference between dancing around in a pretty dress as opposed to lingerie, or the difference between dancing by yourself or in a group setting, etc.).

Psychology journals are like Cosmo mags for me. Except instead of trying the newest summer fashions, I try and emulate actual research studies. I opened up my lingerie drawer and found all the items intact, with tags attached. I have never bought or worn lingerie before, but I have received quite the collection from friends for various occasions (birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, etc.). I had almost forgotten I had half of these. I picked the prettiest one for this experiment. Honestly, I was skeptical as ever, and decided that at the very least I can say I spent the evening in my finest lingerie.

Why did I do this? Because the kids were asleep, and I can. I wasn’t aware I needed more reason than that. So… why not?

At first I felt ridiculous. Then I got the music going, and I have to say, this was one of the best nights I have had in a long time. I can’t say I am feeling particularly sexy, but it was definitely an experience. I am currently a little ball of euphoric giddyness.

If you too would like to experience this (with or without the lingerie part), here is my playlist: