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How Not To Clean Your Kids’ Bath Toys

My daughter loves her rubber duckies. Bath night would not exist without them. Mainly because mommy would have no ear drums left if it weren’t for these wonderful rubber creatures to distract my baby while bathing.

Recently I noticed some yucky stuff inside of them. I filled them with water and squeezed. Some of the yucky stuff came out, and I realized it was mold. Well confined spaces in conjunction with moisture will produce mold. I realize this, but am just as befuddled as to how to get the stuff out.

I researched the web and found numerous sources all saying that vinegar is the cure. I promptly went to the local store and bought a giant bottle of it. I poured the vinegar into each one of the toys and let them sit practically all day. Then I vigorously shook them and squeezed out the vinegar and rinsed them out on the inside with water. Nothing happened. They are still moldy and yucky. I was very disappointed, and slightly distressed.

Back to drawing board, or laptop. I found one other remedy: bleach. I am not too keen on using bleach inside my daughter’s rubber ducks. I do not feel they will be effectively cleansed. As is they still reek of vinegar despite all my rinsing. At least that is not toxic. If I pour bleach into them, and it does not rinse out properly I don’t want her playing with them in her bath water and sticking them into her mouth. I could not help but wonder, if she does get bleach in her mouth, does that mean I don’t have to brush her teeth that night?

Despite my best efforts, the rubber duckies are still moldy. I am pretty sure the vinegar at least killed the mold, but nevertheless, dead or alive, it is still in there. I think I am going to have to buy new ones. Granted, they are not expensive, it was fun building up my daughter’s (and soon son’s) ducky collection. Some of these were purchased from novelty shops on family vacations. Others were ordered online. The ever growing compilation was soon to take over my bathroom. Now the unsalvageable ones will be weeded out and discarded. Now knowing they won’t last long, the replacements are definitely coming from the dollar store.

How do you clean your child’s bath time toys? Is there a secret I am missing?