Bookstores and Fairies

I went to a bookstore I have been wanting to go to for some time up in Ventura. I didn’t have the kids today, so I took a day to go wander around.

My Riverside Chaucer is basically falling apart, and I need a new one (new to me, not necessarily brand new, but in better condition than the one I have). When I went up north last weekend I couldn’t find any complete works of Chaucer at any of the book stores. I decided to try this bookstore that I used to love.

They specialize in rare books, and things not normally found in other stores. I spent over an hour in here, but did not find what I was looking for. They had only one Canterbury Tales collection, but it was translated, and badly at that. I did find some nice french novels since I need to refresh my skills there, and a book on medieval life. I got those, but still no Chaucer.
I wondered around until I came across a different store that pretty much sold everything under the sun. I found their book section, and even though they didn’t have Chaucer, they had this:

I sat on the floor with it for a while, reading all the marginalia the previous owner left. It was interesting, and definitely something I want in my collection. This thing weighs almost as much as I do (and I know, having carried it all around Ventura today), so I think I will still be using my Riverside one for everyday reading.

Had lunch at a nice restaurant where I amused myself with the writing on the walls:

Then I found a store that sold all sorts of little whimsical things. I found some beautiful fairies that I would love to own, and Ally would adore:

Unfortunately these things cost a fortune, so I didn’t get them. They had dozens more, and I had to leave before I spent hundreds of dollars on ceramic fairies that I don’t actually need. One day very soon Ally and I will start our little Fairy Corner where we will collect these.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Went home, boxed things up, threw things away, found things I didn’t even know I had, donated things, and cleaned. Tomorrow I am taking the kids and my mom for a special outing. I am excited!

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