And Done

This isn’t really a post, but more like a mini rant.

I have submitted the last of my grad school applications. A process that I never thought would end is now over. Well, as over as it is going to get. Now I wait.

Waiting is hard, but as long as I don’t think about it the months will pass and I will hear back, for better or worse. I guess this is no different than my test results, where all I could do was wait.

As I submitted the last one I realized it is all out of my hands at this point. I thought I would feel anxiety, but instead I feel relief.

It is over. I will never have to do this again. Oh my God, I will never have to do this again!

The process was as time consuming as an actual semester in school, and took just as long. Writing samples, statements of purpose, resumes, actual applications, and several other components. All neatly put together in electronic packets for each school.

And now I am off to distract my friend from writing about Austen with wine, tapas, champagne and flatbreads. She needs a break, and what kind of a friend would I be otherwise?

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