40 Weeks Of Pregnancy – Week 8

Welcome back. I am glad to see you are all still here, following along. Which means a whole lot of you are either pregnant or thinking about it. Or just curious. Either way, I hope you are enjoying. For this week, I present…
Week 8
If this is your first baby, you probably aren’t showing yet. If it is not your first baby, you may start pouching out a bit. I know with Ducky I was showing around this time and got much bigger than I was with Munchie. Ducky was in fact a lot bigger than Munchie was, but mostly this had to do with my stomach muscles. After your first baby they are no longer as tight, and never really will be (I currently boast a six pack, but should I get preggers again, I will be showing really quick).
However, even for those of you not showing, your waist line will be slightly increasing. Even if you are on the kind of diet that should be not be yielding these types of results, your body is holding onto nutrients and fat, getting ready to carry the baby full term, and then to produce milk afterwards. All this extra work requires those fat stores.
Some of you may have told the world over about your bundle of joy. Others of you may still be holding out until after the first trimester is over. Either way, you are okay. When people find out, they will be thrilled for you. If you are one of the few holding out on telling people, take this time to enjoy the quiet because once you are showing, there is no going back.
Otherwise life is pretty uneventful as far as pregnancy is concerned. The same stuff which was happening to you a few weeks ago, is still happening now. Nothing new to report. If you want to see what has been happening in the life of a pregnant woman, sift through previous weeks, and come back next week for an update.
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