40 Weeks Of Pregnancy – Week 14

It is Monday! Time for the newest edition of the pregnancy chronicles (because I like to change the name of this series on an almost weekly basis). If you haven’t been reading, feel free to scroll to the bottom and catch up since this week we will be looking at…
Week 14
Congratulations! You have made it to the second trimesters. Depending on who you ask, and what your doctor may say, the second trimester starts at any point between Week 12 and Week 14. I like to err on the side of caution. No one can debate whether Week 14 is in the second trimester. Because it is.
Your baby is looking more like a baby. He has hands, and isn’t afraid to use them. In a few short months your little one will morph into a professional kick boxer. And if he is anything like Ducky, he will be coordinating a stampede across your bladder at the most inopportune moments.
Are you showing yet? With Munchie there was nothing to show yet. With Ducky I looked like I was a lot further along than I actually was. You are probably somewhere in between there. This would be a good time to start shopping for maternity clothes which have gotten super cute in recent years. But don’t go overboard because this is a temporary period. You will only be wearing these clothes for a few months, so you don’t need haute couture in every shade of vermillion. Pick out a few basics, and then mix and match them to create new outfits. Add some accessories which can be worn even after birth and you will be set!
I found that baby doll shirts were great since they were versatile and still remain in my wardrobe long after delivery. Tights were another of my favorites, as they too have survived the test of time. If either of those two options don’t sit well with you (I have a friend who absolutely abhors both those fashion choices), then experiment with some other pieces and see what works best. Also, neutral colors work well as they can be endlessly mixed and matched.
If you want to catch up:

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