The Vegetarian Diet

I have a lot of vegetarian/vegan friends. I don’t necessarily understand, but I understand that that is a choice they have made, and I can respect that. I have gone to several restaurants over the years that cater to vegan diets (vegetarian diets can be accommodated in most places). The food is pretty good, but I would not know how to recreate it, hence I don’t generally have vegans over for dinner. Knowing me I would accidentally use butter or milk or eggs or something and inadvertently poison someone.

But I have never been able to understand those who claim they are vegetarians and then will eat fish. I constantly point out that fish is meat. Enough people do it though to where I just let it go.

Then this new thing started happening recently and I just have to say something. There are a slew of vegetarians and vegans out there eating fish *and* chicken. Ok, I am not a scientist, but I am pretty sure chicken and fish come from the phylum, class, and family of meat.

You can argue fish and I will let it go, but I am not buying this vegetarians eat chicken business. If you are eating chicken, you are not a vegetarian/vegan, you are a selective carnivore.

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