Mystery Candy

There are a lot of parents out there paranoid about the types of candy they give their children, whether it has to do with safety or nutrition. Halloween just passed, and I am sure a lot of parents combed through their children’s treat bags to make sure everything was safe. Even in the best of neighborhoods you still have to realize you are getting candy from strangers.
And we have all heard that children react better to certain diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps, and rubella at an earlier age. Some of you may have even purposely infected one or more of your children so they can all have it at the same time (get it all over with).
But have you ever thought of combining the two previous statements? Well, this group of parents on Facebook has. They are sending each other supposedly infected pieces of pre-licked candy in order to infect their children with the “desired” diseases. Not only is it against the law to send contaminated candy through the mail, but they are essentially giving their kids half eaten candy, that has been infected, which they procured from perfect strangers. Do I even have to tell you what is wrong with all of this?
In case I do, let me begin. And I am not entirely sure where to begin but let me pick a point. Chicken pox cannot live on candy for very long. By the time you get the package, the pox has already died. So you are just really giving your kid half eaten candy. Which brings me to the next point. You are giving your kid half eaten candy from A PERFECT STRANGER. You are less than a tenth of a step away from letting your kids pick candy off the ground and wait to see what diseases they may contract. How do you know the stranger is giving you candy infected with chicken pox or measles and not some more dangerous disease? I am going to stop right here because I don’t even know how to continue, or what to make of this. There are so many things wrong with this picture my head is on the verge of exploding.
Would you ever let your kids eat mystery candy half eaten by a stranger?
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  1. No. That’s insanity. Th closest I’ve ever come to doing anything like that was when I thought about having my own two kids share a snack to get through an illness like a stomach bug or something faster. But I NEVER actually did it. And there have been many times where one catches something and I’m certain the other will, too … but he or she never does. So, you really never know and shouldn’t tamper with this stuff. Ever.

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